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The University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is a mandatory health insurance plan for all international students, employees and their dependents (spouse and/or children) at Western University who are not covered by the provincial health insurance plan (OHIP).

This includes:

The cost of medical services and treatment in Ontario can be very expensive. UHIP was created to offer affordable insurance to pay the host of hospital and medical services that you and your family might need to maintain your health while at Western.

UHIP Enrolment

As an international or exchange student you are automatically enrolled in UHIP. New and current international students will be automatically enrolled in UHIP for the twelve month period from September 1 to August 31 of the current academic year.Exchange students will be automatically enrolled in UHIP for the duration of your exchange program at Western. Non-student international individuals will need to contact hrhelp@ kèo hôm nay www.madafakarecords.com to inquire about UHIP.

The current UHIP fees will be included in your tuition fee bill (Statement of Account). You should confirm that the correct premiums have been charged to your tuition account. Exchange students will be required to pay certain fees, including UHIP.

You must obtain your UHIP card online. Students will receive an email to their Western email account once their UHIP card is available for printing online. 

Did you purchase an insurance plan from your home country? UHIP exemptions are very rare and you will most likely be required to register and pay for UHIP coverage while you are studying at Western. A list of pre-approved for exemption is available on the UHIP website. UHIP exemption requests will only be considered if they have been received within 45 days of your UHIP eligibility date and only under specific circumstances.  UHIP exception requests must be submited to Human Resources.

Important: Your dependents (spouse and/or children) are not automatically enrolled in UHIP. You must enroll them in person within 30 days of their arrival in Canada, otherwise they will be charged a $500 late fee.


If you have any questions regarding your UHIP coverage, or for information regarding funds, please visit the UHIP website. There you will find specific details of the plan and any forms you may need (claims, exemptions, refunds, etc.). If you have any questions regarding your coverage or claims, please contact:

Human Resources
Room 5100, Support Services Building
kèo hôm nay hrhelp@ kèo hôm nay www.madafakarecords.com
University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP)

To learn more about UHIP, please see the following pages of this website or visit the UHIP site directly: