kèo hôm nay Western International

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What is the International Student Network?

The international Student Network is an email list that receives weekly email updates on the programs, services, and events offered by the International and Exchange Student Centre. Through the Network emails you may also learn more about Canadian culture and receive information about events happening on campus and in London.

How can I join the International Student Network?

New international and exchange students at Western are automatically added to the Network. If you are not receiving the Network emails but would like to, please click here to enter your email address.

Other members of the Western community (including spouses of international students and visiting scholars/researchers) are also welcome to join the Network to receive updates from the IESC. Please click here to enter your email address.

How do I unsubscribe from the International Student Network?

If you are no longer at Western or would like to be removed from the Network, please click here to enter your email address.