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The International Peer Connection (IPC) program matches new international students with friendly upper-year Western students called Peer Guides. Peer Guides connect new students to the Western community, answer questions and provide support throughout the program.

How It Works

Peer Guides are upper-year students who have already experienced the transition to University life. Peer Guides help international students get settled and adjusted by:

Peer Guides are:


The International Peer Connection is most active during the fall Term (September-December) but is also available in the Winter (January - April) and Summer (May - August) terms.


Please note that registration to participate in the IPC program is temporarily PAUSED as we are updating the application process. The application will be availabe again in August. If you have questions about arriving in London, please email iesc@ kèo hôm nay www.madafakarecords.com.


To apply to become a Peer Guide:

I am an upper-year student interested in becoming a Peer Guide (volunteer)



Comments from Past Participants

We asked students how the the IPC program helped them.


Western is committed to accessibility for persons with disabilities.  Please contact us in advance if you have any particular accommodation requirements.  – IESC Staff, 519-661-2111 ex 89309, iesc@ kèo hôm nay www.madafakarecords.com.