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All full-time students at Western have already paid for their bus passes in their student fees. If you do not use the bus pass, you may NOT opt-out of the plan and ask for a refund. It is included as a mandatory part of your student fees.

USC Bus Pass - Full-time Undergraduate Students:

All new full-time undergraduate students will automatically be able to use their student cards as a valid London Transit Commission bus pass. This pass is valid for the 12 months of the academic year from September 1st until August 31st. For more details, visit the USC website.

SOGS Bus Pass - Full-time Graduate Students:

All full-time SOGS members will be able to use their student cards as a London Transit Commission bus pass. Since graduate students pay their fees by term, the annual pass consists of 3 term passes valid from September 1st - December 31st; January 1st - April 30th; and May 1st - August 31st. Visit SOGS for more details.

If You Are Not Eligible for a USC/SOGS Bus Pass

Click here for alternative options.