kèo hôm nay Western International

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Preparing to come to Canada for an extended period of time can be an overwhelming task. Explore the topics below and use our checklist to help prepare for your journey. Should you need any assistance please contact the IESC at iesc@ kèo hôm nay www.madafakarecords.com or by calling +1-519-661-2111 ext. 89309

Checklist: Before You Come to Canada
Apply for a Study Permit
Register for courses
Pay tuition fees
Book your flight to Canada and arrange transportation to London
Consider your housing options
Arrange temporary accommodation if you plan to arrive early
Create a budget plan
Make banking arrangements
Activate your Western email account
Prepare all required entry documents to show to the immigration officer
Pack essential documents and belongings
If you are coming with children, apply for child care services early on; waiting lists can be long.